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By signing up as a voice talent for you agree to the following: 

  • To always act in a professional manner with every order. 
  • To deliver high quality audio files by the requested deadline. 
  • To alert if you will not be able to complete an order by the requested deadline. 
  • To deliver up to 3 total reads if requested. One original read and up to two re-reads if requested. (Any script longer than 2 minutes requires a sample read to be sent to the client for approval.  If a sample read is not sent for approval then the client would be allowed to request a full read after the script is read). 
  • Not to exchange any personal contact information in an order or conference call. (Failure to do so will be met with immediate termination of your account) 
  • To never contact a client directly without authorization from
  • To "check out" in your profile if you know you will be unavailable for any reason. 
  • Not to disclose any information you learn about a client during an order. 
  • Compensation on VoiceCrew Orders is a FREE service to sign up. In signing up you agree to be compensated in a 50/50 split with will process payment on the first day of the following month for checks and the 5th business day for Paypal for all orders recorded in the previous month.


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